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Tea Timer 1.8 beta2

The new beta of Tea Timer 1.8 supports Growl 1.3 as well as 1.2 (if I didn’t break anything ;-))

If no further problems arise, I’ll …

Tea Timer 1.8 beta1

It’s been a while since I released a new version of Tea Timer. But finally, here it is: Tea Timer 1.8 (beta)!

I resolved (or rejected ;-)) most of …

Tea Timer 1.7.1

Tea Timer 1.7.1 is final now. Thank you for testing. Tea Timer also rembers now if you don’t want to update to a specific version and won …

Tea Timer 1.7.1-RC1

Sorry for that buggy 1.7 release. Thanks to you, who helped me fixing them by giving good error descriptions. Also thanks you, who trolled and thus showed me how …

Tea Timer 1.7

I just released Tea Timer 1.7 which implements a few wishes from you:

  • There’s now a rewind button for resetting an ongoing countdown to its initial value.
  • The …

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