Stefan Scherfke


Open source projects that I created or regularly contribute to.

Private side projects

Access from your Django site.
Easily integrate Sphinx documentation into your website.
A simple blog app with hierarchical categories.
My configuration for vim, bash and other command line tools.
mpw – Master Password
A Python implementation of the Master Password algorithm with a command line interface.
A simple command line viewer for HDF5 files.
An event-discrete simulation library.
Tea Timer (discontinued)
A Mac OS X Dashboard widget that helps you remembering your Tea, Pizza or other stuff.

From my work at OFFIS

Libraries I developed and open-sourced during my work at OFFIS from October 2009 until June 2016.

aiomas is an easy-to-use library for request-reply channels, remote procedure calls (RPC) and multi-agent systems (MAS). It’s written in pure Python on top of asyncio.
cim2busbranch (discontinued)
Tansforms PyCIM CIM topologies to a generic bus/branch model that can be used to perform load flow analyses with PYPOWER.
Collectors (discontinued)
Monitor your (SimPy 2) simulation models or other objects and collect data from them.
Energy icons
A collection of energy and Smart Grid related icons.
A Smart Grid co-simulation framework. I was project leader and main developer for mosaik 2 until November 2014.