Stefan Scherfke

Tea Timer 1.8

Since everything seems to work nicely, I’ve just uploaded the final Tea Timer 1.8 release.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to submit the new version to Seems like they don’t accept new widgets anymore …

However, here is the list of changes for this release:

  • [NEW] Growl 1.3 support
  • [NEW] Pink background
  • [CHANGE] Alarms are now called asynchronously. The voice and Growl message appear at the same time now (instead of after the other).
  • [CHANGE] The list of alarm sounds and voices is now created dynamically and thus contain Lion’s new voices.
  • [CHANGE] Editing the fields for the timer target (e.g. “Tea”) or “ready in” during a countdown will now longer reset the countdown. However, editing the countdown time during an active countdown will reset the countdown accordingly.
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug with keep alarming and sticky Growl messages. You won’t get flooded by them anymore. Instead, there will be only one sticky Growl message when keep alarming is activated.