Stefan Scherfke

Tea Timer 1.8 beta1

It’s been a while since I released a new version of Tea Timer. But finally, here it is: Tea Timer 1.8 (beta)!

I resolved (or rejected ;-)) most of the issues that arose during the last couple of months. Unfortunately, I could not reproduce all bugs, so that’s why there is this beta.

Things that have changed:

  • Alarms are now called asynchronously, so the sound, voice and Growl message appear all at the same time (instead of sequentially after each other as before).
  • The list of alarm sounds and voices is now created dynamically and thus contain Lion’s new voices.
  • Fixed a bug with keep alarming and sticky Growl messages. You won’t get flooded by them anymore. Instead, there will be only one sticky Growl message when keep alarming is activated.
  • Editing the fields for the timer target (e.g. “Tea”) or ready in / in during a countdown will now longer reset the countdown. However, editing the countdown time during an active countdown will reset the countdown accordingly.
  • Finally, there is a pink background!

Thins I didn’t change:

  • I could not reproduce the rendering problems on Lion.
  • I could not reproduce issue #15.

If you find any bugs and have Dashcode installed, please also test the widget there. It might help to reproducing (and fixing) the problems. Dashboard widgets are just HTML/CSS/JavaScript, so don’t be afraid. ;-)

You can find the issue tracker at bitbucket.

Download Tea Timer 1.8b1