Stefan Scherfke

Tea Timer 1.6

A new version of Tea Timer has just been released. It fixes as a few bugs and has two small new features:

  1. It now displays the current version number on the website.
  2. It can handle multiple instances of the widget, each with different settings. One side effect of this is, that each new instance starts with its built-in default settings. If you don’t close and reopen your widget every hour, this should not be a problem. ;-)

Download Tea Timer 1.6

One feature I did not add, was a way to easily add more background colors. Since each background has its own image, you can’t easily add a box for a hex color code. But if you realy want more or different colors, here is a quick guide to achive this.

  1. Clone the Tea Timer repository or just download the latest version.
  2. Open the bundle TemplateWidget.djproj with Dashcode.
  3. You can find the image unter TemplateWidget/front/frontImg. Adjust its size to 320×120px and color it as you want.
  4. Copy the image to clipboard, pasted in your favourite editor and save it in the Widgets image folder (Tea Timer.wdgt/Images/) as Front_mycolor.png.
  5. Open Tea Timer.wdgt/TeaTimer.html in a text editor. Around line 65 you’ll find the options for all colors. Add your color there:
<option value="silver">Silver</option>
<option value="mycolor">My Color</option>
  1. Save and exit the editor.
  2. Install the new version by double clicking on it.
  3. That’s it. Ask if you have any questions. :-)

[Update] Tea Timer does not run under Mac OS X 10.4. I forgot to change this at my last submission to Apple and now I have to wait until I release the next version.