Stefan Scherfke

aiomas – A library for multi-agent systems and RPC based on asyncio

aiomas is a new, asyncio based library that helps you with creating distributed multi-agent systems. It allows different clocks (real-time, coupled to simulations, …) and different codecs (MsgPack, JSON) to be used. You can also just use the lower level abstractions for RPC or message based request-reply channels.

SimPy 3 Preview

SimPy is a process-based and event-driven simulation framework written in pure Python. It can also be used for multi-agent systems and other eventloop-based applications.

After several months of work and …

SimPy 2.2

SimPy is a process-based discrete-event simulation library written in pure Python.

Ontje Lünsdorf and I have already contributed to prior version of SimPy and now have become members of the …

Collectors 1.0

It took me nearly three months to fix five small issues with the documentation. But now I finally released Collectors v1.0. :-)

You can read everything important in the RC1 …

Collectors 1.0-rc1

Collectors made a huge jump von v0.1 to v1.0 over the last weeks, since we added lots of changes and consider what we’ve done as stable. If …

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