Stefan Scherfke

Collectors 1.0-rc1

Collectors made a huge jump von v0.1 to v1.0 over the last weeks, since we added lots of changes and consider what we’ve done as stable. If we don’t find any bugs, we’ll release the final v1.0 at the end of next week. The changes are:

  • [NEW] Documentation!
  • [NEW] Tests!
  • [NEW] Collectors can use different storage backends now
  • [NEW] Storage backend for PyTables
  • [NEW] Storage backend for MS Excel
  • [NEW] Collector.collect() as alias to Collector.__call__()
  • [CHANGE] Monitor is now called Collector
  • [CHANGE] Shortcut functions moved to shortcuts package

You can download and install Collectors via PyPI. If you find any bugs or have ideas for further enhancement, please let us know.

The Documentation can be found here.