Stefan Scherfke

Tea Timer 0.4

I proudly present version 0.4 of the soon world dominating dashboard widget.

Changes from version 0.3:

  • [NEW] Info button and back side
  • [NEW] Set color for the front background within the widget preferences.
  • [NEW] Widget localization and English translation
  • [NEW] Update notification shows current and available version.
  • [NEW] Fancy drop shadows for text ;-)
  • [CHANGE] Overhauled default background and widget icon

Remaining on the TODO list:

  • Action after countdown:
    • Sound
    • Growl
    • Dialog
  • Choose icon (pizza, tea, cake, eggs, …)
  • Remember last entries for timer target
  • List with tees and their required time
  • Fading for tab transition in preferences

Download Tea Timer 0.4

Tea Timer 0.4 (German) with ocean background
Tea Timer 0.4 with backside showing the design preferences