Stefan Scherfke

Tea Timer 0.3

After I’ve been forgetting my tea in the kitchen or my pizza in the oven way too often and not finding a nice Dashboard Widget to alarm myself in time, I created my one one:

Tea Timer 0.3

Tea Timer 0.3 has the following features:

  • Enter an arbitrary subject to wait for by clicking on «Tee».
  • Change the time by clicking on the digits.
  • Use the up/down arrow key to change the time.
  • Use Tab and Shift+Tab to swich through input fields.
  • Reminder by the Victory Apple Voice.
  • Automatic check for updates.
  • German user interface.

Planned features:

  • Info button and back side
  • Addition action after countdown end:
    • Custom sound
    • Grow notification
    • Dialog
  • Update notification shows available version
  • Internationalization / Localization
  • Overhaul widget icon
  • Changeable background colors
  • Let user choose an icon (pizza, tea, cake, eggs, …)
  • Remember last entries for timer target
  • List with tees and their required time
  • CSS3 styling

And, most importantly, the download link.