Stefan Scherfke

Switched from Django to Pelican

Django powered this website since 2009. I had much fun with it and learned a lot while using it. However, maintaining my Django setup became too time consuming for me, so I was starting to think about lightweight alternatives a few months ago.

I’ve already been using Pelican for two projects at work and it offers everything I need:

  • Generate static HTML files
  • Write articles and pages using reStructured Text, including syntax highlighting
  • Easy to deploy
  • Enough flexibility
  • Written in Python

So I migrated everything from Django to Pelican and stripped a lot of clutter from my website. One of the bigger “features” that I removed are comments, because they are hard to to with static pages. I could have used Disqus but I was just too lazy. :-) You can leave comments on Google+ and Twitter, though.