Stefan Scherfke

django-sphinxdoc 1.0

Most Python projects use Sphinx for their documentation. And many (most?) Python powered websites use Django as framework.

So there might be some people who use both Sphinx and Django. If you belong to this group and want to integrate the documentation of your projects into your Django powered website, django-sphinxdoc might be the app you’re searching for.

Django-sphinxdoc can build and import your Sphinxdocumentation and provides views for browsing and searching it. You can see django-sphinxdoc in action be reading its documentation.

What’s new in this version?

  • You can now search the documentation (via Haystack).
  • New management command updatedoc for importing and building JSON files from your documentation and updating Haystack’s search index.
  • New model Document for JSON files.
  • Renamed the App model to Project

What’s planned for the future?

  • Allow users to comment the documentation.

You can find django-sphinxdoc in the Cheese Shop or at Bitbucket.