Stefan Scherfke

Magic! Python! Django! Whee!

This blog is now run by Django. I didn’t really like Wordpress which I used before. And also I don’t like PHP anymore (I really liked it some years ago, but everything changed, when I learned Python …).

When I told a friend that I wanted to switch from Wordpress to something else, he just said: «Use Django.» So I took a look at the Tutorial and was instantly thrilled.

At first, I wanted to use an existing weblog app, but I also wanted to code an app for my own and since I din’t find a weblog app that I 100% liked, I just decided to write my own. So here it is (far from finished though)!

Features so far:

  • Basic post model (title, slug, pub date, modify date, status, category, HTML body)
  • Post manager for post counts (per year, month, category (and tag))
  • Hierarchical category model – imho, this is the highlight of my app.
  • Archive and Categories
  • Some special template tags.
  • Usage of a recursive template tag for the categories
  • Unit- and doctests for the models and template tags

Features to come:

  • Comments
  • Atom feeds
  • Sidebar
  • Static pages
  • Trac integration for my projects
  • Search
  • sidebar widget
  • Tags for posts (via django-tagging?)
  • CKEditor integration
  • Pygments integration
  • Improved image/media support for posts
  • Admin actions for posts (e.g. change status and category)
  • Preview function for new posts

That’s it so far. When I have Trac running, I’ll also publish the source of my applications. :-)

Magic! Python! Django! Whee!