Stefan Scherfke

“Nothing is impossible. Not if you can imagine it.”

—Professor Hubert Farnsworth

I’m a passionate Python programmer and co-founder of the startup Particon GmbH, a spin-off of OFFIS’ Energy division .


My programming career started with HTML and PHP. I created Halo Orbit, which became — by a lot of work and passion — the biggest German-speaking Halo fansite at that time.

I studied computer science with a focus on ecoinformatics and graduated with a diploma (the German equivalent to a master’s degree). During my studies, I learned Java, improved my PHP skills, tried C / C++, and in 2008 ultimately found Python, which I instantly fell in love with.

After my studies I worked as a scientific assistant at OFFIS in Oldenburg, Germany. My work centered around Smart Grid simulation and the development of mosaik.

Since my days as a web programmer, I’ve been working with Linux servers and desktops. I mainly work on a Mac, though.

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